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EMERALD Care Guide

The birthstone of May, emeralds have been revered
for centuries for their mesmerizing bright, deep and forest green hues.


Pearls Care Guide

The birthstone of June

Pearls are the only gemstones made by living creatures. Oysters produce pearls by depositing layers of calcium carbonate around microscopic irritants and get lodged in their shells – usually not a grain of sand, as commonly believed.

Take Care from The Golden Magpie

White shell pearl
Congratulations on your Emerald purchase

Optical features of emeralds

Even the best emeralds have fields of other minerals inside them – knows as ‘ inclusions’ they are perfectly normal and give the stone its own unique character and beauty. These inclusions or ‘Jardin’ are often a mark that your emerald is a natural and genuine gemstone. 

Caring for your emerald

Caring for your emerald means knowing when to wear it. Emeralds can be sensitive to hard knocks, severe temperature changes and chemical cleaners. So if you're washing up, gardening, doing a spring – clean or cleaning out the freezer, it’s best to take off your emerald jewellery. Clean your emerald with warm (not hot) water and a soft cloth or clean toothbrush – never in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.


Pearls are sensitive, and their lustre can be dulled by chemicals.
Last on, first off: put your pearls on after your clothes, makeup, hairspray, body creams and perfumes, so they are the last item you put onto wear.
Don’t wear your pearls swimming.


Never put your pearls into an ultrasonic jewellery cleaning machine.
Wipe your string of pearls with a soft damp cloth, then put your pearls away.


Never store pearls in a hanging position as it can stretch and damage silk.
A storage place that is too dry or airless, for example, a sealed plastic bag, will dry your pearls.
Keep pearls in silk or chamois leather when not in use, away from diamonds or metal.
Give your pearls an annual check-up look for thread stretching, discoloration or fraying.

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